Vignette Modern Roman Shades

Vignette Modern Roman Shades

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades offer fresh, contemporary fabrics, and colors in a wide selection of fold sizes, style and design options to dress almost any window you can imagine. Vignette shades roll up or stack and they traverse side to side to cover wide windows and doors. All options are made from the same stunning fabrics for ultimate coordination and child safety.

Vignette motorized shades can be operated with both infrared and radio frequency technology. To raise or lower an individual shade just point the remote to the receiver eye and press UP or DOWN button. You can also select a group or groups of shades to operate, even in multiple rooms. To stop the shade at the desired position just press the opposite button.


  • Patented cellular construction.
  • Dual control technology - The Platinum™ remote combines both IR and RF technology.
  • Multiple remote control options.
  • The Platinum App - allows you to control your Duette® motorized shades using an Apple® mobile device by scene, room or time of day.
  • Clean appearance - Vignette Modern Roman Shades are beautifully designed both inside and out without exposed cords or grommets. The back of the shades have a smooth, neutral backing so they look as beautifully finished from the outside as they do inside your home.
  • Fold styles and sizes - Choose between Traditional™ soft, billowy, contoured folds in 3-inch, 4-inch and 6-inch fold sizes or Tailored™ crisp, 6-1inch flat contemporary folds.
  • A wide selection of woven fabrics to suit any decorating style from casual to formal, including EveScape™ room-darkening fabrics. Fabrics are made of durable 100% polyester, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Generous widths and heights - Vignette shades offer widths and heights to cover large windows with a single panel up to 108" wide and 144" long.
  • Color-coordinated hardware and cords provide a fully integrated look.
  • Matching fabric-covered headrail and bottom rail create a unified look from top to bottom.
  • Accents by the Yard™ - Vignette fabrics are available as Accents by the Yard™, great for accenting or completing any room with matching fabrics for decorative accents.
  • Counterparts® Coordinated Programs - Consider the hunter Douglas Counterparts® Programs - Counterparts Refined and Counterparts The Whole House Solution™ for easy coordination throughout your home. Vignette Modern Roman Shades combine beautifully with Luminette® Privacy Sheers and Modern Draperies, as well as Silhouette® window shadings, Duette® cellular shades, and Pirouette® window shadings using pre-selected designer color palettes.
  • Operating systems - The standard EasyRise™ continuous cord loop makes operation a breeze. The optional UltraGlide® retractable cord system features constant cord length and LiteRise® cordless operation are both easy and child safe. The PowerRise® 2.0 with Platinum Technology™ system and other motorization options are also available.
  • Application options - All Vignette shades are made from the same fabric for ultimate coordination. Options include the vertigal Vignette Traversed™ with Vertiglide™, Tiered and Tiered Architella® stackable design option, Traditional and Tiered Top-Down/Bottom-Up and Two-on-one-Headrail, Multi-Panel shades and eight specialty shapes.
  • UV protection - Provides 99% of UV protection when the shades are closed.
  • Lifetime Guarantee - As with all Hunter Douglas window fashions Vignette Modern Roman Shades are backed by the exclusive Hunted Douglas Lifetime Guarantee.


  • Material


  • Fold Size

    4" or 6" folds

  • Sizes Available

    Width: 12" to 140"

    Height: 12" to 144"

  • Motorized Control Options

    Platinum Remote Control

    Platinum Wireless Wall Switch

    Platinum Solar Energy Sensor

    Platinum RF Adapter

    Platinum LCD Timer

  • Design Options





  • Motorization Power Supply Options

    Standard Battery Pack

    Remote Battery Pack

    DC Power Supply

  • Privacy and Light Control

    (1 to 5 scale)

    (2) Softened light, moderate privacy

    (3) Softened light, substantial privacy

    (5) Blocked light, complete privacy

  • Specialty Shapes and Applications




    Circles, Ovals, Hexagons, Octagons


  • Operation Systems Options

    UltraGlide® Retractable Cord System

    Clutch Operated Continuous Loop

    LiteRide® Cordless System


  • Motorization Options

    PowerRise® with Platinum™ Technology

  • Soil and Dust Resistant


  • Safety Features


  • Energy Efficiency


  • UV Protection

    Superior (95% to 99%)

  • Sound Absorption


Care and Cleaning


  • Dusting. Regular light dusting maintains a like-new appearance of most blinds, shades, shadings, sheers, shutters and window panels.
  • Vacuuming. For deeper cleaning, vacuum gently with a brush attachment of any vacuum cleaner. Most products may be vacuumed using a vertical stroke.
  • Compressed air or hair dryer (non-heat setting). Use to blow dust off selected window coverings.
  • Spot-cleaning. Spot-clean shades and blinds with soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water. Add mild detergent if needed. Blot gently to avoid creasing or damaging the fabric. Rubbing can damage fabrics. Spot cleaning may result in cleaner areas.
  • Steaming.Steaming can be done to remove wrinkles from some fabrics. A hand-held travel size steamer that provides continuous steam is best. Heavy-duty steamers are not recommended. Please contact the Hunter Douglas Customer Information Center for product specifics.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning.
Note: Refer to the charts for products not recommended for ultrasonic cleaning. Certain fabrics should not be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaning. Please consult the Vignette section in the Care and Cleaning chart for more specific information.

  • Injection/extraction cleaning system. This type of cleaning injects a cleaning solution into the fabric and extracts the dirty solution in the same motion. It is a very effective way to deep clean your window treatments. The service is typically performed in the home so there is no need to remove the window treatments.

    To locate businesses that utilize this method, check the yellow pages or call Hunter Douglas at 1-888-501-8364 for referrals. Hunter Douglas acknowledges these cleaning methods as being safe and effective. We cannot attest to the quality of equipment or services provided by any independent cleaning facility.

Note: Refer to the charts for products not recommended for injection/extracion cleaning system. Certain fabrics should not be cleaned using the injection/extraction cleaning system. Please consult the Vignette section in the Care and Cleaning chart for more specific information.

  • Do not use magnetic cleaners such as a dusting mitt on light-dimming fabrics. This will damage the light-dimming backing.
  • When cleaning any window, spray glass cleaner on a cloth rather than spraying directly on the window. This will prevent damage to the fabrics by splattering cleaner.
  • While some fabric window covering products may seem perfect for an outdoor setting, all are recommended for indoor use only.


Dry environmental conditions in different parts of the country at various times of the year may generate static on fabric home furnishings including window coverings. Should this occur, lightly apply a static spray for home furnishings, being sure to follow the manufacturer\u0027s instructions. Allow the shade/shading to dry in the fully lowered position. If necessary, reapply the static spray each time the shade/shading isprofessionally cleaned.


Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee

Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee is an expression of our desire to provide a thoroughly satisfying experience when selecting, purchasing and living with your window fashion products. If you are not thoroughly satisfied, simply contact Hunter Douglas Inc. at 1-888-501-8364 or visit In support of this policy of consumer satisfaction, we offer our Lifetime Limited Warranty as described below.


Hunter Douglas\u00AE window fashion products are covered for defects in materials, workmanship or failure to operate for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product (unless shorter periods are provided below)

  • Operational cords for a full 7 years from the date of purchase. Applies to products sold after January 1, 2008
  • All internal mechanisms
  • Components and brackets
  • Fabric delamination
  • Repairs and/or replacements will be made with like or similar parts or products
  • Hunter Douglas PowerRise\u00AE, PowerTilt™ and PowerGlide\u00AE all with Platinum™ Technology and all other Hunter Douglas motorization components are covered for 5 years from the date of purchase.


  • Any conditions caused by normal wear and tear
  • Abuse, accidents, misuse or alterations to the product
  • Exposure to the elements (sun damage, wind, water/moisture) and discoloration over time. The EverWood\u00AE Collection of alternative wood blinds are covered against fading, yellowing, warping and bowing
  • Failure to follow our instructions with respect to measurement, proper installation, cleaning or maintenance
  • Shipping charges, cost of removal and reinstallation

Hunter Douglas (or its licensed fabricator/distributor) will repair or replace the
window fashion product or components found to be defective.


  1. Contact your original dealer (place of purchase) for warranty assistance.
  2. Visit for additional warranty information, frequently asked questions and access to service locations.
  3. Contact Hunter Douglas at (888) 501-8364 for technical support, certain parts free of charge, for assistance in obtaining warranty service or for further explanation of our warranty.

NOTE: In no event shall Hunter Douglas or its licensed fabricators/distributors be liable or responsible for incidental or consequential damages or for any other indirect damage, loss, cost or expense. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Different warranty periods and terms apply for commercial products and applications.
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