Plantation Shutters

Our shutters are made with the best custom finishes, quality wood, and professional craftsmanship. The furniture grade finish is achieved with a multi step process, bringing us a very height quality shutter in a very affordable price.
All lumber is subject to an electronic kiln drying process that removes any unwanted moisture that may cause warping. This allows for a strong and durable finish guaranteed to last for years.
Our Shutters are available in different designs, finishes and styles, from the very rustic decor all the way to the most modern and smooth designs.

Plantation Shutters Product Specifications

  • Materials Available

    Wood, Polyresin 3, Composite

  • Louver Size

    2 1/2", 3 1/2" or 4 1/2"

  • Colors
    Shutters are available in a great variety of colors. Wood Shutters also have the option of Custom Paint
  • Sizes Available

    Width: 10" to Unlimited using T-Posts

    Height: 10" to 133"

  • Specialty Shapes and Applications

    Arched Shutters

    Raked Shutters

    Shutters on Circles

    Shutters on Triangles

    Shutters on Hexagons

    Shutters on Bay and corner windows

    Shutters on Sliding glass doors

    Shutters on French doors


    Café Shutters

  • Operation Systems Options

    Bi-Fold Track

    Bypass Track

    Front Tilt Rod

    Hidden Tilt Rod

    Offset Tilt Rod